A pink and brown 50s bathroom – soothing, pretty and retro


briggs-bathroom-pink200.jpgWith so many readers trying to work with their 50s and 60s pink bathroom tiles, I’ve been on the lookout for photos and illustrations to help envision decorating options.

Pink is a wonderfully versatile color, actually. We already know it works well with white, grey, black and even maroon for a 40s deco look. But isn’t it also gorgeous in this 1954 illustration, in combination with the outrageously popular Briggs sandstone fixtures, additional 4×4 brown tiles and green and mauve accents?

One reader mentioned needing to replace some pink tile along one wall. This illustration shows how introducing a 2nd tile color can work beautifully. Notice how the brown in the tile is continued along the adjacent wall so that the change is not too jarring.



Here are some brown tiles available today from Daltile and American Olean (glossy or matte). I can even see the peach and brown from AO in a gorgeous combo, just like the one above. You can also check with B&W for a color less sandy than these.

BTW, that AO Peach is great! I have it in one of my renovated bathrooms, accented by kitschy map of Florida flamingo paper. A great tile — as versatile as pink — widely available — and usable so many ways in a retro renovation!

If you’re into this subject, be sure to see our other pink bathroom posts — Judi’s 1959 bathroom — and B&W tiles 40s style look.

  1. Claire Fishman says:

    I see the pink tile I need for my bathroom but nowhere is the information about price and dealer.

  2. 50sPam says:

    Yes, Judi – I thought you might like this one. And now that you mention it, this is Spumoni – yum.

  3. Sumac Sue says:

    I like the brown — it’s like chocolate! If I used brown, ivory and pink, it would be like neopolitan ice cream. A little pistachio thrown in would really be great, make it more like spumoni. This brown is giving me all sorts of ideas, so, it could be THE color to go with my pink.

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