Retro bathroom sinks from today’s American Standard

Retro bathroom sink from American Standard, Hexalyn

Retro bathroom sink from American standard, Colony roundRetro bathroom sink from American Standard, Colony oval

American-Standard, an absolutely great name in postwar bathroom fixtures, continues to make several porcelain sinks that would look great in a 50s or 60s bathroom.

Isn’t the Hexalyn model at the top fabulous? So much fun to wake up to every morning. Set it into a countertop of retro laminate with steel countertop edging, install one of two vintage style lavatory faucets (Deabath.com or American Standard), add a mirror, sconces, wallpaper and accessories — and you are all set to go. These are all very delicious.

  1. Rebecca Prichard says:

    The oval and round go with the faucet you suggested-same name! And nice and compact. The Kohler are way too big for my 1/2 bath. It’s cute and classic. And the price, wow!

  2. AmyS says:

    So sad this sink has been discontinued by American Standard. I thought we had finally found THE sink, back to the drawing board.

    1. SusanParody says:

      I just saw this sink on seconduse.com . they are located in Seattle and will ship. This is the sink that I would like but I’m in Canada and shipping would be $$ expencive for me. They have a few, and in different colour. Hope this helps !
      Susan P

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