My kitchen is in a museum video – and on YouTube, too. Thanks, Daniel, for spotting it!

  1. maddy123 says:

    I adore the St. Louis arch–it’s the coolest monument.

    It is SO AWESOME (as my daughter would say) that your kitchen was in the video!! V. exciting!

  2. mary says:

    I don’t understand, in one post you write that your chairs are CB2 knock-offs? so why is it good that your kitchen with knock-offs ended up in the Cranbrook video? I think it is more sad, this means that whoever curated the video can’t tell the difference. In the photo the proportions are clearly different.
    It seems like an insult to Eeero Saarinen.

  3. pam kueber says:

    The chairs that were originally in my kitchen were from ebay – yes, knockoffs. My table was a CB2 knockoff. I ultimately replaced all of these modern-day knockoffs, with a 60s or 70s vintage set. But even my vintage set was not a Saarinen — it was an adaptation by another manufacturer.

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