50s bathroom: Vanity made with Formica laminate, very cool from ’52

Vintage 1952 Formica bathroom lavatory

Vintage 1952 Formica bathroom lavatoryVintage 1952 Formica bathroom lavatoryI’m having kitchen and bathroom withdrawal, so for Friday how about this most excellent bathroom lav – courtesy Formica, 1952. Seems to me this is something we could absolutely replicate today. Also, a great solution for a small bathroom – if you need the storage space but want the ‘lightness’ of a vanity that does not create a huge square block in the middle of your space.

  1. C says:

    That is truly Fab- but do remember that the glues are NOT what they once were due to the now lower VOC’S. As a Kitchen and Bath designer I don’t reccommend laminates in the bathroom…far too wet . ( I wonder …you could get a similar look with solid surface in a solid color and a drop in china sink…)

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