61 Mamie Pink Kitchens: Let’s start with 10 from the big name brands – St. Charles, GE, American-Standard, Crane, Formica and more

This week it’s pink postwar kitchens of every style – from the 40s through to the 60s. Be sure to check in every day, today through Saturday for a festival of Mamie pink!

To start – let’s head right to 1957, the absolute pinnacle year for pink pink pink!

#1: 1957 GE pink kitchen and look at that all-new Refrigeration Center!:


#2, a 1955 Crane kitchen in Blossom Pink:


#3, a 1953 pink Formica kitchen (which we have analyzed before):


#4, 1956 Westinghouse appliances including the cool wall refrigeration unit — with a pink kitchen:


#5, a 1949 American-Standard kitchen — cabinets that foreshadow the frenzy to come:


#6, very pixelated, but I wanted to show this early pink St. Charles kitchen as well:


#7, a few years later now in the heart of the Mamie years, a 1955 St. Charles pink kitchen:


#8, yes, I’ve been dreaming of a 1956 Westinghouse pink kitchen:


#9, an early- to mid-50s Geneva Blossom Pink kitchen with the classic accent color, red:


And number 10 for today: This gorgeous 1958 GE pink kitchen, which incorporates wood and 60s groove:


  1. Kathy says:

    My birch plywood kitchen cabinets are accented with Mamie pink 4″ backsplash and matching sink with Hudee Ring. I think all pink kitchens were featured more in ads than in reality, but the pink backsplash was certainly an affordable compromise without going too overboard. Unfortunately the kitchen sink is almost history with rust and overscrubbing over the past 50 plus years. It matches the adjacent powder room in my 1890s house remodeled into a bungalow in the 1920s, and updated circa 1962.

  2. Joe says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen the fridge-favorites on the kitchen page but just in case:”

    I’m actually the one who put a bounty out for someone to track down US distribution of the Gorenje. It’s just as stylish as the SMEG but not nearly as expensive. If you do a yahoo image search for “retro fridges” one of the 1st pics that comes up is of an appliance store in NYC. Out from is a SMEG next to a Gorenje. I called the store, based on the neon light in the window, and the woman basically told me I was crazy.

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