Retro flooring: Some new choices, courtesy Portland Laura

50s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series

50s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx47Reader Portland Laura alerted me to these great, new flooring choices. Streaky 12″x12″ vinyl tile from Congoleum.

2019 update since this story was originally published 11 years ago: Congoleum has discontinued this tile. You can see what they still offer in VCT tiles here

Fortunately, there still are other offerings. See this story for streaky VCT tile options

50s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx9150s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx1450s style flooring from Congoleum cx_series_cx12

  1. Pam Kueber says:

    David, oh, I see what you are saying. Perhaps: Call Congoleum directly, if Brand does not respond.

  2. Brandi says:

    Congoleum has discontinued their most of their colors. I had a sales rep who wanted to speak to Pam directly, if she’s interested. I think they would like an article to be written to justify keeping the products.

    I ended up using Armstrong in Aqua spring and black. It is similar in style, although I did prefer the congoleum.

  3. David says:

    Brand / (Brandi?), do you happen to have the contact info for the congoleum representative that you mention in your December 4th comment? I am hitting dead ends with searching distributors and their call center. I really like their CX line & wish they would bring it back…I’ve tried samples of tarkett’s textile line, & Armstrong’s striation line & am not thrilled with them.

    Thank you!

  4. David,

    He was for the Los Angeles area. What are are you?

    I called the trade line at Congoleum and got the rep from my area. You can also call Linoleum City in Los Angeles. They have most of the major VCT lines, they just have minimal color choices now. If you are into neutrals, you are in luck.

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