A new resource for NOS sinks and such – courtesy Tuscaloosa Sarah

Mystery Reader turned me on to a fun, new site – deabath.com. I say ‘mystery reader’ because I can’t find the email. Drats. My excuse is (1) I have three email accounts that I never clean out, and (2) I have let my life spin out of control via lack of organization. Like, not one list going, and I’m a list person. Whatever. Mystery reader – identify yourself so that you can receive the praise and accolades you rightly deserve!

May 1 update: I took the day off to organize and found the mystery writer: Tuscaloosa Sarah, many thanks!

Anyway – back to DEA. Go straight to their Original Antiques. This FABULOUS pink sink with cabinet is in their antique section right now, under colored fixtures. As I recall, this style of sink came out in the late ’50s. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen one live. It’s so princess-y…incredible!

DEA has plenty of other cool antique bath fixtures to look at – including the new-old-stock sinks shown below. Have a couple of bathrooms and want matching? 7 of the Crane Oxfords with legs available! A fun place to prowl….

  1. Joan B says:

    Have 1950’s Cape Cod house that had both a pink master bath AND a pink powder room. The very small powder room had a corner sink and original hardware. Unfortunately after 60 years of use, the mineral deposits in our city water supply took its toll: we had a leaky faucet (and with sub-zero temps here in upstate NY this winter we had to take action) The plumber broke the faucet and we could not find 5″ center replacement so wound up with an entire re-do. I hated to throw out the old sink which is in perfect condition, when I saw the “Pretty in pink” article in the local paper. Anyone want a pink corner sink? I will hold it until you can pick it up (1 hr drive from Albany NY) too heavy to ship.

  2. Anne Longo says:

    I have almost the exact sink/vanity combo as the picture. I have decided to work with the pink because, aside from the toilet which is cracked, the tiles and grout are perfect. Need some help . . . My bath is pink tile with light gray bullnose and base tile trim, the floor is deeper gray octagon with light pink squares between and white (almost got it white again) grout, and the tub/toilet/sink are more fleshy pink. My dilemma-no window in a rather small hall bath. I primed the ceiling and walls hoping the bright white would help lighten the room. It did, but very stark contrast now. Any suggestions? I was thinking of having the tub reglazed and switching out sink & toilet.

  3. Oh WOW!!! I am 4 years too late but I love the old American Standard Gracelynn sinks. Grew up with one in my parents’ house (along with a pink bathroom!!). Must find one for our home as our 1962 Ranch, which is in need of a retrorenovation, especially the bathroom. Will go and pester the good people at the site for one of these now!

  4. Kathy Ressler says:

    I have this sink in yellow. Where can you find parts? I have had several plumbers work on it but it still leaks. I haven’t been able to use the sink in the bathroom for years now.

    1. deajohn says:

      Hi Kathy;
      We can help! E-mail us a picture of your sink to info@deabath.com so we can identify which faucet is on the sink, and we’ll be able to supply parts to fix
      John V

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