Vintage barkcloth pinch-pleats: Very desirable for your postwar retro renovation!

Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve been collecting examples of beautiful barkcloth designs from listings on ebay. Vintage barkcloth pinchpleats are nearly essential, in my book. A second choice is sheers, either alone or in combo with barkcloth. The pinch pleats are a must, though – the pleats really enhance the, well, “drape” of the fabric and lend a bit of formality or dress-up to your window.

Barkcloth was available in a wide, wide range of designs. So you really have a lot of flexibility. You can go flowery-girliegirl, flowery-tiki, flowery-sophisticate, geometric, toiles, asian, cowboy, ballerina, coffee pots – you name it!

Tip #1: I particularly like the designs that have a gold thread or imprint over the top of the basic color design. This adds a wonderful “little something” that gives the pinch-pleats even more to love.

Tip #2: Don’t think you just need a ‘modern geometric’. Flowers and toiles can really mix up your decor, I almost prefer them.

1: Unusual to see these colors:

2: Nice flowers, lovely colors, with that gold leaf I was talking about:

3: Great for a 40s kitchen or bedroom:

4: Detail of an awesome asian design:

5: More asian, also quite lovely:

6: Googie, with gold leaf:

7: 60s, be careful of hangover mornings:

8: Yippee YaY aye:

9: Very beautiful, the colors are wonderful. Portland Amy, I’m thinking this would look great on your window-wall:

10: I’m not sure how to classify this one, I’ll call it Roman-with-Flowers, note the gold thread:

11: Asian, awesome, very clean and crisp… would like fabulous with chartreuse walls:

  1. iluvretro says:

    When my parents bought a little holiday house by the beach over 15 years ago there were curtains exactly like the last ones here in this post, I still remember them even now…

  2. chriss says:

    Mmmmm…barkcloth, I do love thee. But barkcloth can be so expensive. Let us not forget the value of vintage fiberglass drapes! They can be easily found at most any thrift store for pennies on the barkcloth dollar! My mom hates them though. I had her cut a long single set in half to cover two short windows for my “den”. I think she just sees them as cheap (they are!) and just can’t see past that. I like the fact that they seem so impervious to the ravages of time. No moth holes! No fading!

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