Jeff writes:

Hi Pam,
I am selling my 1959 brick townhouse that comes with a nice pink bathroom. The problem is that not everyone loves pink baths. Do you have a link to any articles explaining that pink baths are coming back into style? I would like to print out some copies for potential buyers to take with them. We’ve done what we can with the bath – white walls, gray towels, shower curtain and carpet, chrome shelves and black and white 1950’s vintage photos on the walls.

I attached one photo of the bath from before we bought the house 5 years ago. Thanks for any help.


Thank YOU, Jeff, for keeping your bathroom! I can tell you, this blog has some 20,000 readers every month – and we all would give our eye teeth to have your pink bathroom. It looks like a real beauty, the pink is a very pleasing shade, and the sink and tile appear very high quality — you can see it. I don’t know of any articles….but you can point buyers to this blog — we have a Category and many posts on Pink Bathrooms — and I even have another url in the family — — that I will gear up some day for a fullscale campaign.

Oh, and you can tell prospective buyers: Pink bathrooms make you look younger. It’s a light reflection thing. Good luck.

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  1. Darla says:

    Torn. I removed my wall mount 1950 sink because I thought I needed a vanity. 10 years and a little heavier the space between the tub and vanity has shrunk. We are putting the retro feel back in, but Dilema. Pink plastic tile. I am thinking of painting white and soft gray on walls. Hexogon tile for floor in black and white?

      1. Darla says:

        Husband says tile should be painted. It does look cheap and they are looking ratty. He does like the mosaic idea

  2. Tiff says:

    I saw a picture of a fantastic pink bathroom here with some brown tile accents that was beautiful. I think if I could do something similar in mine it might work but I would want lots of hints and advice. I will definitely post a picture of it here after I close on the house so everyone can see what it looks like. I welcome any and all suggestions. I would rather try to work with what I have than tearing it out if for no other reason than it is SO expensive to remodel a bathroom, and buying a house is so expensive anyway. 🙁

    Something like this would be perfect, I would love it if my bathroom looked like this:

  3. Jen says:

    PLEASE keep the pink bathroom! My elderly aunt has one that is wall to wall like you said. It is the best room in the house! You will feel right at home once you draw a bubble bath and watch the bubbles turn pink against the pink tub. It’s quite a sight let me tell you. Especially with a nice glass of wine after a crappy day at work!

  4. Tiff says:

    I just bought a 1957 traditional on a pier and beam and it has a pink bathroom. Wall to wall pink. Pink floor, pink wall tiles, pink sink, pink toilet, pink tub.

    I am torn about keeping it. It is in good shape but it is so pink. Also some of the tiles have been ruined when bars were attached for the previous owner to hoist herself out of the bathtub; she was elderly and died recently (but not in the house). So she needed those handles to help her live independently and I understand that.

    But keeping the pink bathroom would mean replacing some of the tiles and it would be difficult to impossible to match that shade of pink, I have no idea even what shade it is.

    I would love to post a picture of it here but I have not closed on the sale yet and do not yet have a key to the property.

    When I do close on the house, I would like to post pics of it here and have the readers help me find resources for restoring the bathroom and I will welcome suggestions. I am not sure what to keep and what to get rid of. Honestly when I first saw the bathroom I hated it but it is kind of starting to grow on me.

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  6. sleepingbee says:

    Jeff – may I suggest a little subtle marketing? On this site you will find several entries and photos regarding pink bathrooms. Pick three, print them on 81/2 x 11 paper, frame them and mount them in the bathroom. Potential home buyers are very snoopy and they will read them…it might help them understand how special your pink bath is and that it’s to be coveted!

    Good luck!

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