Retro countertop laminate: Two new Formica choices

These are new from Formica. Both look like they could swing either “warm” or “cool” – that is, work across the spectrum from reds (and pinks) to blues.

I really like the Linen – a very typical look for the 50s — Hey, Formica, can we have it in green, blue, pink and yellow?!:

And, the Brescia marble is getting closer to the vintage crackle ices of the day:

More tools for our retro renovation toolbox!

  1. Anne Lineberger says:

    I am searching for this linen look in blue to replace the counters in our old beach house. That blue linen look has lasted for about 50 years or so but would love to find the look in blue. We have loved it. Has a stainless steel border.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Anne, Go to Kitchens / Countertops category (in navigation) for all our reporting on retro laminate choices.

  2. herman says:

    where can i order this first tipe of formica?
    please help i try to renovate a german kitchen from ’58
    thanks for all the tips

    Herman (vintage freak)

  3. tear-down townie says:

    Didn’t know if you’d see this before or not, but this manufacturer of repro dinette sets sells cracked-ice laminate by the sheet as well as cracked-ice vinyl by the yard.


    I’m planning on ordering some of the yellow vinyl to redo a chair set at some point.

  4. jfinchhowell says:

    That linen in a warmed-up beige is exactly what we (sob) had to remove from our kitchen counters. Wish the re-issue had been around when we remodeled: between that and my heightened awareness from your blog, Pam, we might have gone for it!

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