Retro bathroom: Black pearlescent toilet seat from Kohler

Alexa was looking to dress up her dad’s 1951 bathroom, and I suggested she play up the black trim with a fancy black toilet seat. Well, here it is – the Black Pearlescent Kathyrn toilet seat from Kohler. Be sure to get the nickel hinges (chrome is also fine if that’s available.) The one caveat is that it is for elongated toilets only. If you have a round-front, all that I can find so far is plastic (not even wood). I’ll keep searching on that front.

One other thing – this is expensive, the list is around $250 as I recall, although you can find it cheaper online.

Also – it’s available in White Pearlescent. I have to say, if I had an elongated toilet, I would definitely get this, it is wonderful. And – I have seen precedent for it in vintage advertising.

  1. Peter says:

    I would like to buy the “black” round vintage toilet seat. My original just got old and it peeled badly.

    Where can I buy one? How much does it cost?

  2. Lyn says:

    Help! My white Pearlescent Kathryn toilet seat from Kohler has developed hairline cracks/crazing on the lid top (and a few on the seat). I don’t know if my cleaning crew used a cleaner that wasn’t compatible or perhaps Kohler had issues with this finish (I haven’t consulted them outside of a quick email).
    Any advice on where I can get a replacement? I will pay big bucks! I specifically bought the Kathryn toilet because of this seat. Darn. ;(

  3. brooklyn51 says:

    I took some Benj Moore paint chips over, and we decided that “Spring Violet,” Color Preview 2117-50, was the closest match to the wall tile. Both my dad and his girlfriend (it’s actually her apartment) like the idea of wallpaper. I’m looking at Trustworth Studios (www.trustworth.com), they are mainly Arts & Crafts designs, but there are several that may work for us, and best of all, they can be recolored to suit.

    Rejuvenation just introduced a line of porcelain bath accessories in black, white and green. I am going to get the towel ring and switchplate in Black from there.

    Will keep you posted.

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