Pam (left) and Cindy

Yesterday I had my first live visit with a Retro Renovation reader and it was SO MUCH FUN! Cindy – of the 1963 bathroom including the foldaway scale and TP holder with ashtray – lives in Holyoke, about an hour away. She was on her way to NYC with a planned stop at S.J. Masters Tile. My house is in between, so we planned a visit.

Immediately upon arrival, Cindy acknowledged, “I feel like I’m on an internet date.” Same here. Would she be an axe murderer? Would I? Nahhhh. Baked goods were exchanged, room tours were completed, a serious tile discussion was held.

Cindy promises us all a full report from the S.J. Masters pilgrimage. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this company hasn’t changed its product lineup since 1946 and that it’s chock full of new flooring and wall tile solutions. Cindy also will be sending more photos of her house as her retro bathroom renovation unfolds. And, we already are planning a visit to our mutual Re-Store, coupled with a tour of her groovin’ 60s neighborhood.

Cindy will be looking for floor tile to mimic the original (shown), which has been destroyed in places. She also needs to replace wall tile in the built-in shower. And, she will be re-laminating her vanity. Should she use the whitewashed wood look, which is very cool, or the darker teak, for contrast?

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  2. olive22 says:

    The aqua kitchen is fabulous!!
    What a breath of fresh air to find out that I am not the only person who throws things at the TV and screams when HGTV decides that a perefectly good vintage kitchen or bath needs to be ‘updated’. I call it lack of imagination and original thoughts.
    I will be sipping my cream and purring contentedly in 5-8 years when HGTV is telling the divas with the stainless steel & granite kitchens that they are ‘dated’. All of those shows are scripted down to the last ‘I like the granite’.
    To me, the commerical kitchen look does not evoke images of warmth and home…more like poor service & food posioning!
    It has been 3 years and I am still haunted by a house salvage sale that I went to.
    It was a very high end home when it was built in the late 50s..all quality and it was being torn down to build a McMansion. It was pure madness and I left in tears..with a few bargains tucked under my arm…including the plants and landscaping which was all free.

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