Our youngest reader sends in a new source for retro lighting

mid century modern lightingI think we now have identified our youngest reader – and someone who likely will be far ahead of all soon, in terms of retro renovating knowledge: Jimmy.

Jimmy sent in today’s tip, about Primelite bullet (or cone) lights available today. When I asked for his “retro renovation story,” Jimmy said:

Well, I don’t really have a retro renovation story haha. I’m 17 but have always been fascinated by mid-century architecture from the 40s all the way up to the early 80s. I’m going to study architecture in school, and hope to aid in bringing mid-century elements back into modern architecture, a movement which as you know is certainly already underway. Anyway, I hope you find a place for those light fixtures!

Meanwhile, here is Jimmy’s lighting find — and there’s a second one I’m working on, too:

I just wanted to share this one seller whose merchandise, although hard to find behind their dated website, is absolutely fantastic for retro renovators! I included a link to their online catalog, which has a whole section just on bullets! Once you click into the section on bullets, the two pages that caught my eye the most were 71 and 75. Those seem to be the most relevant.


Anyway, sorry the message was so long, but I really wanted to share these resources!


Thanks, Jimmy! Keep the recommendations coming!

  1. priscilla says:

    I needed a barn light last summer. I found one in a lighting store near my weekend home in Ulster County. When it was time to pick it up we realized that the company (Primelite) was in Freeport on Long Island, which is where we live during the week.

  2. ThePetersens says:

    Has anyone been able to find a price list on that site? I am worried that even if there is one that perhaps it hasnt been updated to reflect inflation since 1995 🙂

    They have some wonderful stuff though!

  3. 50sPam says:

    Tikimama (and other readers) – I very much agree with you that there is a boatload of material here! In fact, I have four more posts coming on the Primelight product line including all their series of relevance. So…yes…either go thru the catalog…or wait, and it will all be here soon! Also, on exterior lighting, I think I have done two other posts — see the options from Rejuvenation, and from Hanover. You can also take a look at Remcraft and see what they have…Hearing from you, Lisa, I will try to do more research on this topic….

  4. Tikimama says:

    Wow! Great resource…and from such a youngun’! It’s definitely worth taking a look at the whole catalog (although Jimmy’s right – their website is truly dated!). I thought there were a lot of indoor fixtures that had a very mod vibe, but even more exiting were the outdoor fixtures! I’ve had a hard time finding anything I like for the outside of our home, but here there are lots of clean-lined options. Even dark-sky friendly lights (something very important where I currently live near Joshua Tree National Park, but also something relatively easy we could all do to lessen light pollution).

    There are powder-coated color options – lots! – even pink!!!

    Lisa in Yucca Valley (but in Upland as of next week!) CA

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