Retro style laminate for your 50s or 60s bathroom counter top – an updated catalog


Maryland Nancy is searching for laminate for her bathroom reno, and alerted me that the colorful Nevamar swirlie’s are discontinued. Alas. So, I did another survey  — and here is an update of the laminates landscape for bathroom vanity countertops, as far as I can determine. Scroll over each image with your mouse to see the name of the design, and the manufacturer. You can also click on each image, and the name/manufacturer are there just below the image.

Over the coming weeks, I will do similar updates for kitchen countertops, for laminated kitchen cabinets, and for laminated bathroom cabinets. I also will be comparing these to some vintage Textolite samples that I have, to help suggest the most authentic matches. A big topic, my eyeballs are popping out of my head just from this one!

I also want to point out that:

  1. I have found these online. Please test them in your house for color correctness!
  2. I can never vouch for whether they are still available. Argh. They do get discontinued with some frequency, it seems…
  3. You also always have the choice of solids. Although I personally have a big fondness for anything with texture.
  4. You can do your own search by surveying all these manufacturers: Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite, Nevamar, Arborite and Arpa USA.