Retro style tub and shower faucet by Delta

retro style tub and shower faucet from delta

Russell the Engineer found a new source for great plumbing parts. I’ll do more on Locke Plumbing soon. But to start, if anyone is gutting their tub/shower and wants a new faucet and shower head, this Delta model seems like a great find. It’s only $79. I love the shape. And crystal-plastic handles have even grown on me. This line has been discontinued — further proof we want it! — so there’s not much stock left.

  1. RobinKC says:

    I recently purchased a 1941 one owner home that is mostly original. The awesome jack and jill bath has the original jade and cream (white?) checkerboard floor till that I LOVE, but there is no shower, just a bathtub. Can anyone recommend a conversion kit that is (tiny)budget friendly and reliable? I like the look of the exposed riser showers but am leery of the quality.

    1. pam kueber says:

      RobinKC, I do not know the answer to this one. Some of our go-to places to get started on plumbing questions: deabath.com and locke plumbing

      Good luck

  2. Iresboston says:

    Has anyone used Locke plumbing before? We’re thinking of using them to fix our “American Kitchen” faucet and was wondering how their rep is – thank you!

  3. Mid Mod Pam says:

    Thanks, cadman, this is great info! I recommend checking with deabath.com re the shafts when it comes to that time, they seem to be bona fide experts willing to help with the most reasonable all-around solution!

  4. cadman says:

    I also found Delta to offer a THREE knob setup that uses the center knob as the diverter b/w shower head and tub fill. True, it is not thermostatic so best to avoid if you have little ones, but for me “the look” took precedent. The kit DID require some reworking though-

    I replaced the cheezy plasti-chrome shower arm and head with a true chrome arm and Speakman chrome over brass unit.

    The tub spout had an old-skool look that was perfect. I did replace the overflow unit with a replacement from the box store that had a tapered conical lever.

    The plastic knobs will have to go at some point. I sourced chrome replacements on the net (some available at the box stores too), but will need to somehow match the shafts to mate with the Delta setup. Unfortunately, it seems there are about 10,000 shaft variations out there.

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