Vintage stoves to love: 1957 Philco Citation range

1957-philco-citation.jpg1957-philco-ad-complete.jpgVintage stoves were my first true love, so it’s ironic that it’s taken me this long to launch coverage of them. We’re off! Everyone seems to love Bewitched’s Samantha Stephens and her Frigidaire Flair. So I think I’ll start with some quirky pretenders to that famous model. How about this 1957 Philco Citation? Interestingly, in stainless steel, which I don’t see all that much featured in advertising. Note also – laminate cabinets, and stainless steel edging on the countertops just like we still get today at New York Metals!

Below: The refrigerator that went with this lineup in ’57. Looks like you could cover it with any laminate you like. Hmmm. I think today that this use-a-laminate-panel also should work with a number of dishwashers and a refrigerator like the Sub-Zero. In particular, with so many people wanting to blend their modern-day dishwasher into a retro style kitchen, I think this might be a brilliant question to delve into further. Stay tuned.


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