Still available: American Kitchen brand faucet for Raymond Loewy sink

1946 American brand kitchen
1946 American brand kitchen — designed by famed Raymond Loewy designers

Can you believe it? You can still get the exact faucet required for a vintage American-Brand kitchen drainboard sink at at Locke Plumbing. Locke Plumbing also sells various parts separately.

raymond loewy American Kitchens sink faucet from Locke PlumbingThe owners tell me they still sell quite a few of them, including to lots of folks in Europe.  I was told it does not fit other sinks, but I am not an expert. 

Note, these American brand kitchens were designed by famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy — what wonderful historic provenance.

  1. pam kueber says:

    Welcome, Charles — deabath.com (an advertiser in the right-hand column) has some porcelain repair kits. check them out, and let them know i sent you.

  2. David says:

    We have this full unit…the LS 6600 as pictured above. We need a new faucet. Someone had put in a delta faucet that in no way fits! I ordered the exact faucet from this web site! Thanks Locke!

  3. Kathleen says:

    We have this faucet & sink unit. We currently have a drippy faucet, I think from the hot side. Is there any instructions on how to dismantle the faucet unit?? I bookmarked the Locke Plumbing site in case we need to replace it in the future. I’m hoping it’s a simple washer or black rubber thingy replacement. I believe the stems are fine.

  4. David says:

    Kathleen. We have this same sink/faucet and I recently replaced the washers in both sides.
    If you or someone else has replaced faucet washers,it’s an easy job.
    I also purchased a “Seat Grinder”($5) to make sure the new washers last.

  5. William says:

    I purchased one of these faucets several years ago for my 1950 American Kitchen and it has been great! I am in the process of restoring my cabinets by removing the doors and drawers and having them powder coated Appliance White. The company I selected did one drawer and one door as a sample for me and they turned out wonderful! Now, I just need to locate some replacement door pulls. I have the originals, none of which are broken, but they have grown dingy over the years. Does anyone have any ideas about where I might find something to replace them with? They are 2 1/8″ in diameter and I can find nothing of that size available. I checked all the referenced sources you list.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I just checked Locke’s site and it’s now $999!! out of stock. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!

    We still have the same problem, never fixed it and now it is worse.
    Unbelievable. ouch.

    sigh, we have no idea how to take the handles off to get to the washers or the stems. If anyone can assist, contact me at k_h@iname.com


  7. Kathleen says:

    ok. wrong photo. $169. whew. Still.
    I’m hoping to find a washer kit local. Haha?? Worth a try.

    Still need help to take it apart and fix it.

  8. shawn says:

    I saw one of these faucets for the first time today at the Habitat Store. Pretty cool! They had several metal cabinets and the drainboard sink for just $475. I was tempted!

  9. William says:

    I’ll make a photo and post a link to my American Kitchens drainboard sink in the next day or so. I wish I could afford to have it re-done. I found a company in Missouri that will apply new porcelain. I just finished having all my doors and drawer fronts powder coated in Appliance White and they look great!

  10. Tara says:

    Hi Pam – I saw the American Kitchen sink & cab post and am currently trying to find that exact sink/cab. I didn’t see anything posted about how to purchase the item. Can you help (although I’m assuming someone has bought by now).
    Thanks so much,

  11. Mary Hooper says:

    Golly…15 years ago i got rid of my porcelain on cast iron sink because i kept breaking dishes on it. If only I’d known, I’d have kept it in the cellar until it “came back in” so i could get paid for it!

  12. Joe Felice says:

    I wonder if one could “retro-fit” a new home to use a wall-mounted faucet? I saw a new Dishmaster on e-bay!

  13. Christina Hayes says:

    I am so glad I came across your website. We recently purchased an old home, built in 1897, and it has a double drainboard sink, which, I love, but it has a big square where the faucet would go and I have exhausted my resources trying to figure out, if at one point previous owners cut out a square or what? But I am sure glad to see it was actually built that way, to have a faucet drop in.. Now hopefully we can find a faucet to fit.. Thanks..

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