The Eljer Ellis toilet … great 50s style for the bathroom


1959-eljer-bathroom991There’s nothing I like better than a pretty, midcentury toilet. This 1959 Ellis model from Eljer has wonderful lines, and came in 7 “decorator colors” including this great shade of pistachio green that is heading in a straight line toward avocado.

The text says that the toilet, along with coordinating bathtub and wallhung sink on chrome legs, were designed by the Dave Chapman firm. Chapman was a well-known industrial designer and seems to have had a long career with Montgomery Ward, in particular. See his IDSA bio here. Eljer has existed since 1904 and along with Crane, is today part of the American Standard brand. I keep an eye on Eljer’s product line … As far as retro renovation choices, they have one wall-hung sink (Murray II) and several simple toilets (with some of my favorite names: Titan…Diplomat…Patroit!) worth a look.

  1. Elaine says:

    My daughter’s new home has this toilet stamped Apr 6, 1964 but can’t read the model#. Can anyone help?


  2. Mark E says:

    My favorite element: the sleek, unique bolt cap covers !! My parents still have one in service—- since 1961.

  3. Ben says:

    Did anyone else notice that there isn’t toilet paper next to the toilet but instead a towel at toilet paper level…

    I really like this toilet, but thought that was kinda funny 🙂

  4. Elvis (aka) Jane says:

    I noticed that toilet named “Patriot” years ago, and I’ve always giggled to myself about it. But I didn’t know about the Diplomat or the Titan until now…what a lineup!

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