12 great products to create a Lodge kitchen


omega-dynasty-cabinet-door-lodge-styleI WAS EXCITED TO SEE AN ALL-NEW DOOR STYLE from Omega/Dynasty: “The Lodge”. Who doesn’t want a cottage with a warm, cozy, rustic-style kitchen? Fortunately, there are a lot of great products today to pull one together. How about starting with:

  • A refurbished vintage Magic Chef stove circa 1930, from The Good Time Stove Co. This is not inexpensive at $10,500 – but what an heirloom. I’m going to visit this company within the next few weeks – they are right up the road from me in Goshen, Mass.
  • The new Lodge door is from Omega/Dynasty. Honestly, I’m not sure what kind of wood that is – at the home show in Oregon I saw “knotty cherry” available – it looked like this. Cherry is a harder, more durable wood than pine, which makes it better for kitchens. I like!vintage-style-barkcloth-adirondack-moonlight
  • But: Use a vintage Youngstown steel sink cabinet with porcelain-enamel-on-cast-iron drainboard sink for your sink. Yes – you can use JUST the steel sink base and surround it with cabinets – this is a great look! The vintage Youngstown sink cabinets (or similar brands) are arguably the easiest vintage steel cabinets yet to find today – as they were sold by the piece starting in the 40s. You see them stand-alone in ads from the period, surrounded by wood cabinets (presumably made by pa) just as I am suggesting.
  • And I’ve suggested a bundle of other features and accessories to add color and interest: thibaut-scottish-plaidWonderful Scottish- plaid wallpaper from Thibaut… Adirondack-style barkcloth for drapes from Full Swing Textiles… a schoolhouse lighting shade from Rejuvenation… wrought iron cabinet pulls from Crown City Hardware… Marmoleum flooring… a Capel braided rug… laminate countertops … and more.


  1. Katy says:

    Hey! Found your blog again thanks to NYT. We have a 1944 tract house in the Bay Area and just recently purchased a house in Tahoe. I love this lodge entry. Would love more like it. Consignment and garage sales have guided our design. The result is some maple antiques, a lot of Mission Oak, and posters of motorboats and vintage olympics. Our best find is a ginger jar lamp in safety orange from a garage sale. Second best was a set of tea cups from goodwill with a pine cone design much like what’s featured in the print in this entry.

  2. At The Lounge With Les Baxter says:

    Ah, the quest for the perfect stove! And don’t I know it! We’re closing in on the dream stove of the midcentury: we’ve ordered an O’Keefe and Merritt 900 series from Christian at dreamstoves.com. You can see pictures at my Web site. Can’t wait!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi At The Lounge. The url you provided does not work… would love to see stove of course.

  3. Sara in WA says:

    Well you’re describing what my kitchen wants to be when it grows up. The cabinets I have were recycled from a chicken coop and are planked with Xs across them. These here look like knotty alder which is popular here in the NW. I actually have this fabric book marked! and I have a version of the yellow in a stripe (found at Goodwill) above the rough cedar wainscotting and a chicken themed border. Plus I have a red metal sink under the window. Pam I sent photos in the fall I think.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Sara, I’ll take a look for your photos. I am way way behind – organizing reader photos into stories is the very hardest part of doing the blog, therefore, it takes me forever.

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