ARMSTRONG  — THE FLOORING COMPANY — also sells kitchen cabinets — and I really like the look of their Moderno line. These maple slab doors with a “slight radius” look like pretty good modern day proxies for classic vintage styles from the 50s and 60s. The finishes — including “natural” above and “toffee” and “cafe” in the gallery — are also quite nice. Replace those Euro-style cabinet pulls with… spotlight pulls from Rejuvenation… and you have a lovely and appropriate retro renovation kitchen. 

Moderno kitchen cabinets at Armstrong.
Cabinet pulls from Rejuvenation.

  1. Shaernurs says:

    But isn’t there a cabinet maker besides the Armstrong that makes news metal cabinets I thought they had been bought out and are still making them.

    1. pam kueber says:

      I don’t know that Armstrong makes metal cabinets (the ones in this story are wood)… St. Charles’ — which were reintroduced by the Viking Range company a few years ago — were discontinued last year. Use Search to see my story on the discontinuation. For steel kitchen cabinets — you must shop vintage. See my category Kitchens / Steel Kitchens.

  2. Joe says:

    I understand your perspective Pam. I just know that the new stuff can run REALLY expensive in the end. Have you poked around eBay recently? There’s a couple complete kitchens listed right now that you might be able to work into your eBay widget.

  3. Happy Daze says:

    Nice cabinets, though I agree on replacing the hardware. Anyone else getting a little tired of the “Euro Pulls”? To me, they’re getting to be as over-used as travertine and granite.

  4. Joe says:

    they’ll prolly run you a small fortune by the time you spec’ everything out. Might as well find a vintage metal set and have it full refurbed by a pro for less.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Joe, my #1 goal with the site is to research and showcase the full range of products possible for a 40s 50s or 60s retro renovation… Some folks really don’t have the desire, patience, time or whatever to go through the “hard way” process of finding vintage cabinetry and then trying to fit it into their kitchen. Cabinets like these, made today, can fit the bill for folks less intent on absolute vintage refurbished stuff… I have a few more “today” brands yet to feature.

  5. Robert says:


    I like the dark one—brings back memories of those late 60’s and 70’s apts and the meals there.


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