turquoise-kitchenWe’ve had some spirited discussions about painting our wooden kitchen cabinets – and we’ve also shown some vintage two-tone illustrations before — and when I saw this photo, I thought it would appeal to readers, for sure. It’s Edie’s kitchen, from her blog, LifeInGrace. Isn’t it beautiful?

She and a helper repainted the cabinets that came with the house themselves. She chose a cheery aquamarine for the base cabinets, white for the wall cabinets and notice that the island is painted a dark gray-green.  Her post contains all the product details – plus check out her cheap and cheerful lighting solution for the wall cabinets – brilliant! Thanks, Edie, for letting me feature the photo — your kitchen is a triumph!

  1. sumac sue says:

    Oh dear. Ever since we got the aqua/green paint for our front door, I have wanted to splash the color everywhere. Edie’s wonderful kitchen is giving me too many ideas.

  2. Anita says:

    I love a space that is a happy-maker….. my goal, to walk into the room and have it make me smile. This is a room that obviously achieves that goal, it is beautiful.

  3. sablemable says:

    I love the color aqua! It’s so relaxing-I’d probably fall asleep if I worked in this kitchen, face smack dab in the bowl of cake batter I would be mixing up.

  4. What a great example of color’s ability to completely change a space. A wonderful concept and beautifully handled: you must love cooking in your warm, welcoming kitchen, Edie!

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