Recessed ceramic soap dishes & more in 33 colors from HCP Industries

recessed-ceramic-bathroom-shelfTHANKS GO OUT TO JOAN (I *think*) for finding this new resource (other resource here) for recessed porcelain ceramic bathroom soap dishes, shelves, towel bars and toilet paper holders. The manufacturer is HCP Industries, and they make these pieces in 33 colors, many of them great for a midcentury bathroom retro renovation. 

Some advice on recessed shelving in the bathtub surround:

  • More is better, when it comes to shelving. I swear I am not a bathing beauty diva… I am very low maintenance in this regard… and even so, I have: shampoo, conditioner, super conditioner to keep my hair from getting all static electricity-y, shower gel, shaving cream, clearasil face wash, clearasil super scrubber, buffer cream stuff I got on a trip 2 years ago, etc. etc. etc. Now, aren’t you glad you know what’s in my bathtub.
  • Oh and there’s more: I was told by the guy who installed the tiles in my tub surround, that after you shower, you should indeed leave the curtain open for as long as practical. This encourages the water on the tile and grout to evaporate, which will preserve the whole situation longer. I believe it.
  • One last tip: Seal the grout in your shower/tub surround, too, he said.

Here’s the link to the HCP Industries webpages.

And here’s an update: You can order samples of their colors here, for matching.

  1. Richard Moore says:

    Where can i buy a recessed ceramic soap dish, does any body know?
    preferably in the uk. 🙁

    1. pam kueber says:

      See the entire category for all out stories on potential resources. Also check tile category. Or use Search bar — it’s pretty good.

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