Gina’s 1960s mosaic splatter small mosaic tile bathroom

60s bathroom tile

WELCOME TO GinaUSA’s 1960s bathroom. I am really quite in love with this style of mosaic tile — 3/4″ or 1″ squares — with different colors or shades of the same color — and in this case, with little splatters.  I know of at least one source for tile pretty close to this, still (continue after the jump.) Yes, you can add this bit of sweetness to your house, if you prefer it rather than mod metal.

vintage mosaic tile

Here is a close-up of Gina’s bathroom tile. Those splatters also provide a bit of slip-resistance, I bet.

vintage bathroom mosaic tile

Gina has nice built-in, too.


Want to replicate the look? I found this wide selection, real 60s-70s-80s colors, at S.J. Masters, shown below. These appear to be from the Merola Tile Crystalline collection, available from other a variety of other retail locations as well — google them, they’ll come right up. 


Note, update March 2021, Merola Tile told me that lead times for the tiles, which come from Indonesia, can vary depending on a variety of factors. If you don’t see these online, it may just be because the links have come down while stocks are replenished. See my stories on Merola Tile here.








And of course, there’s pink!


Thank you, GinaUSA, for sharing your bathroom! I am so happy you love it and are not changing it. It looks to be in great shape. What a treasure. 🙂

  1. Ginausa says:

    Our home was built in 1952. Everything is the same since the day it was built. We could use a new sink and tub because the original owners who built the home had obviously dropped something into the sink and tub causing some pretty good size chips taken out right down to the cast iron. The toilet is original too. We don’t want to disturb the tiles around the sink, tub and toilet so we’re trying hard to hang onto them for a while longer. Thank you everyone for such nice comments on our bathroom. We have another bathroom in the basement that has the same tiles but in blue. They truly never ware out.

  2. Laura says:

    I put this tile in my hall bathroom in the blue and it looks fabulous. The bathroom walls were still in very good shape, 4×4 blue with a white border, so we just redid the floor and it looks great. Also, this was a stock item at our local tile store and only cost $4.00 a square foot!!

  3. JoAnn says:

    I have been taking my daughter to a local elementary school for day camp every day this summer, and only today, after seeing this blog entry yesterday, did I notice that the school, built in 1960, has the exact same tile in the hallway.

  4. ottawa says:

    I live in a home built in 1963 in Allendale, MI. Its the same as when it was built in 1963. Kitchen, fireplace and all. I have this bathroom. Same layout, counter, etc, ect just that tile is green, white and gray. Its never wears out.

  5. gb says:

    I redid my bathroom last year using these tiles and some Ikea cabinets. It looks really fabulous. You can buy these tiles at http://www.cooltiles.com/vidjoy.html. You can check out pics from various reviews online, my own bathroom included! Just one word of caution: glass tiles are very difficult to cut!

  6. Cindy says:

    Wow….Those are the exact tiles I had on my floor and I’m feeling nostalgic for them……..what a gem of a bathroom!

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