Streamline style bathroom fixtures from Lefroy Brooks – including an entire suite in Vespa Pink!

vespa pinkIf you own a 20s, 30s or 40s home with deco or streamline style and also have lots of dough re mi, this bathroom suite from Lefroy Brooks would be fun to consider. The faucet style is called “1950 Belair,” but I say it’s is “streamlined” style, which is defined by the period when products were designed to look like fast-moving objects, like steam-engine trains. To be sure, this streamline style blurred over into the 50s. But this faucet is so distinctive, it looks like it is preparing for take off. The Lefroy Brooks sinks are also beautiful. And you can get the entire suite – sink, tub, toilet – in Vespa Pink. Heaven, simply heaven!  Lefroy Brooks site.

  1. Tappan Trailer Tami says:

    Pam, you are very correct, this certainly makes the case for the worthiness of retaining the originals wherever and whenever possible!

    Just this week I saw an ad on CL here in the Bay Area for a mint condition original Pink refrigerator, matching original pink dishwasher (!!!), and the matching pink wall oven. Selling because the new owners of this minty time capsule house, which they bought from the original owners of 50+ years, are tearing out the kitchen *sob* for a re-do. So, so sad……if I made the laws, this would be illegal 🙂

    Love your blog, and read here often, keep up the great work, both inexpensive and expensive alike!


    1. Jenny says:

      I strongly dislike those stories of well-meaning people demolishing perfectly functional, totally charming kitchens (or bathrooms).Don’t think it should be illegal, but I do think it’s almost immoral!

      Re-use is the greenest thing we can do.

  2. Tappan Trailer Tami says:

    Pam – the cost of Swooning:

    Bel Air Sink Faucet (Wings!!!) – $1,452.00
    Bel Air Console Sink (White, couldn’t find the Vespa Pink Cost) – $1,057.00
    Console Legs/Stand – $2,296.00
    Bel Air Tub Faucet (Wings Again) – $1,533.00
    Shower Head – $657.00
    Shower Diverter Flow Valve / Handle – $621.00
    Bel Air Bathtub (White) – $2,640
    Toilet – Bel Air not found, but other models run $700 – $1,000
    Mahogany Toilet Seat – $500.00

    So, Swooning over a two sink bathroom will be rather expensive!

    My total comes to $16,461 for two sinks/faucets, tub, tub faucet/shower head, toilet, and seat 🙂 Plus whatever the upcharge is to have Vespa Pink.

    So, remind me, what bank were we planning on robbing this week? Let me know –


  3. Tappan Trailer Tami says:

    Hi Pam,

    Those are just AWESOME! Needless to say (like looking at stuff in the glass display case at the store) if you have to ask….you probably can’t afford it, haha.

    You may want to correct your post as the tub and toilet does come in: white, cream, and vespa pink. You have click on the actual items and then the available colors are displayed!

    I want one of those faucets just to put out on display 🙂


  4. BungalowBILL says:

    That’s alot like my tub, c. 1930, except the stepped lines swoop up to the rim before it reaches the wall. A bit of a pain to have to buy 2 shower curtains because of the 2 open ends, but its big, solid and comfy

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