Retro bling: Eyeglasses from Shuron

I AM OF A CERTAIN AGE, so I need reading glasses. A couple of years ago, I had some money left over from a flex spending account so instead of using $10 reading glasses, I purchased “real” frames with glass lenses. What a difference. I’m now in the market for a new pair or two, so I went trowling for what I could find with retro style. In virtually no time at all I found these Shuron frames available. This “Nusir Royale” design sounds like it’s been around for decades…it is available in a number of colors… I love the decoration… the company has been around nearly 150 years… the glasses are made in the U.S.A…. and I can order the whole eyeglass package from them online start-to-finish – further enabling my quest to never ever have to leave my computer cave again. Stay tuned, I am going to order a pair for sure and will let you know how it turns out.  There are numerous other styles available, too, click here for the link.

  1. sumac sue says:

    When I saw these glasses, I just knew there would be a lot of comments on them. They are terrific. I think the styles would look good on people of all different ages.

  2. opkis says:

    Susan, that’s great to hear! After years online, I’ve been conditioned to look for an order form, and never think to just call people up (in true retro fashion).

  3. Julie Rogers says:

    I asked my optometrist’s assistant if they had anything with a vague cat’s eye shape. She said she hated to admit they didn’t. I settled for something else.
    When I came to pick them up, she game me a pair of never-worn frames from the 1950s. I doc she worked for in the 1960s was getting rid of unpurchased stock. She never used them.
    I had them put my lenses in and now I have awesome vintage classes with all sorts of shiny bits at the corners of the cat’s eye shape. Heaven.

  4. Susan, aka Kitty Mommy says:

    Shuron will sell direct to the public (unless they’ve changed their policy recently). When I couldn’t find an optometrist who would order their frames, I contacted them directly. They let me fax in a prescription and my measurements and they made glasses for me. I got 2 pairs for less than $250, lenses included. They even did glass lenses for me (which I love and am sad to not be able to get anymore!). Recently, I talked my eye doctor into ordering from them because they don’t require them to have an account and they are great about accepting returns if the customer changes their mind or the frames are the wrong size, etc. Shuron is great to work with!

  5. Miss Jess says:

    Another here for Allyn Scura – my current frames are deadstock 50’s that I bought from them online, just beautiful. My eye doctor couldn’t get over them, she loved them so much. However, I do need new prescrip sunglasses, and I do believe that these Shuron frames will do the trick! Gorgeous, and how have I never heard of them before?!

    1. pam kueber says:

      I checked out Allyn Scura. Their website is REALLY ANNOYING me. Page after page of glasses that are sold out. If they are sold out they should take them off!

  6. magnarama says:

    Wow, those Nulady CB’s are the BOMB! Gotta have those for my next glasses….

    Thanks for the great tip, Pam!

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