Retro bathroom accessories from Hall-Mack — the Metropolitan budget line

1962-hall-mack-metropolitan-bathroom-fixtuesThis is the last of the three Hall-Mack 1962 bathroom accessories lines: The Metropolitan. This was the budget line – and I think that it was also very very popular. Click on the image once, it opens in a new window, then once again from there – it will get quite large so that you can see the detail. Sorry I can’t do a longer post today — family is visiting so it’s a three-ring circus.

  1. db says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a Hall-Mack recessed toothbrush holder, apparently known as the “concealed lavatory unit?” It had the swinging chrome door that one could push to reveal the unit. Thanks.

  2. denise says:

    Hey! I have these!! I’ve removed them during bits of renovation and kept them because I am a reuse/recycle girl and thought I might need them somewhere. I wasn’t sure of the time period they were from because before buying my house it went through a couple small renovations. Thanks for the info. (I wish I had the ones with the extra pull-out bar…yeeeeeha!)

  3. sablemable says:

    Not sure what brand of bath hardware I’ve got, but I don’t think it’s Hall-Mack.

    I’m replacing it with the ceramic stuff.

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