stephanies-vintage-kitchenREADER STEPHANIE sent in photos of her wonderful vintage stove — an O’Keefe and Merritt newly restored by Antique Stove Heaven. Doesn’t it look great with her vintage chrome crackle ice vinyl and laminate dinette. I just wanna pull up a chair and have a cuppa with her right this very minute.


Stephanie writes:

Pam —

Your recent email about your birthday present reminded me to share my birthday present, due to be delivered next week: a completely restored and working 1946 O’Keefe and Merritt stove: gleaming chrome, salt and pepper shakers, and all!  It has red trim and knobs, which will go with my mother’s kitchen (now my kitchen), where we are taking everything back to the 50’s.  Just bought light fixtures from Rejuvenation.

As we have been cleaning, renovating, and stripping down my parent’s home, my favorite time capsules have been the little notes written by my father found inside appliances, electrical boxes, and tacked inside cupboard doors — !  Things like, “garage door opens best when spring is adjusted…” and “this outlet is connected to the bedroom system, because…etc, etc.” Our current stove even has a note inside the storage space, stating when it was purchased, how much it cost (including taxes and other hidden fees), and where it was purchased.  What a dad, huh?



Thanks, Stephanie – love that floor, too. We can’t wait to see the rest of the kitchen when you are done. Even more importantly: What wonderful time capsule messages left by your father. You are so lucky… and your house is lucky, too, to have you updating it with so much thoughtfulness and care.  See Stephanie’s blog, here.

  1. Diane Guido says:

    Getting ready to remodel my kitchen a bit (getting cabinets painted……cleaning out the cabinets too 🙂 I always thought I would get stone countertops, but I know now, I want to go back to the 50’s. Been trying to find a kitchen table from that time. Also, places that will do Formica countertops. Any ideas? BTW I live in Sa;t Lake City 🙂

  2. Suzanne says:

    Great minds think alike–my O’Keefe & Merritt is almost exactly like yours, but yours seems to have a grill or griddle in the center, whereas mine has two burners. (My pix under “flooring” on the kitchen site.) Don’t you love those heat diffusers over the burners. These stoves may be vintage, but you can cook up a storm on them. Good luck with your renovations–please share photos.

  3. Pam, you are such a bad influence! Seeing this I was just forced to press the buy it now on an retro table setting I was watching! Thanks for being the renovation bad girl. 😉

  4. Culver City Bronwyn says:

    Love the red highlights! We have used Antique Stove Heaven to repair our O’Keefe & Merritt too! Would love to get it fully restored. Good birthday idea :).

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