anne-taintorAnne Taintor is one of my inspirations. Long before I got into the blog, I was a fan of her cheeky graphic takes on midcentury women, which combine “vintage images with Anne’s own interpretation of what these men and women might really be thinking.” Hey, I certainly can identify with this magnet — my obsession with the blog and all things mid mod certainly feels like a room full of polka dots some days.

Today, Anne has a full product line including magnets, passport holders, key rings, notepad — even flasks — and much more. Her website is lots of fun — so much so that I contacted her designer, Suzy Massey, owner of Phoenix Massey Studios, who now helps me with the design for Retro Renovation, Save The Pink Bathrooms and other projects like my home show talks. Suzy and I have pretty much a Vulcan mind meld going on. I give her vaguely construed ideas. She goes off and with no drama whatsoever delivers wonderful solutions, all the while putting up with my occasional polka dotted vacillations.

Anne Taintor’s products are sold in stores everywhere, and you can also order direct from her website here.

  1. Glamorlux Nancy says:

    I have her books “I Can’t Be Good All the Time” and “I’m Becoming My Mother” and they are just hilarious… and so true! Anne has such a talent for putting the right graphics with the perfect phrase. Love her!

  2. Tikimama says:

    Funny – after seeing her work on so many retro-obsessed blogs and sites, I finally used some of her images in my last post! I get such a kick out of our retro-universe coincedences!

  3. Annie B. says:

    This very magnet is affixed to the front of our 1965 GE Spacesaver. It was sent to me by a wonderful friend in Maryland who doesn’t quite understand my fascination with Mid Century Modern, but will throw me a retro bone now and then just for love. On second thought, maybe she was trying to tell me something? Love those Wonder Bread dots!

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