Toothbrushes to fit vintage porcelain ceramic toothbrush holders

MicroTipThird up in 3-for-Wednesday Reader Shout-Out: Kristin hunts down toothbrushes to fit old-time porcelain toothbrush holders.

She writes:

hi. i live in a tudor cottage built in 1940. i have 2 full bathrooms that have all original tile work and ceramic accessories including toothbrush holders over the sink. i would love to be able to use these but all the modern toothbrushes have really big and round handles that won’t fit in the holder. do you have any toothbrush brand recommendations for toothbrushes that will actually fit in these holder?

Thanks so much, kristin

I did a little hunting around and sent Kristin a link for Butler Gums. They are available on Amazon (affiliate link below) and other vendors:

Now I can’t find her blog (Kristin, so sorry, remind me and I’ll add the link), but I know she found another model on the very same website that she said would fit. Proof: That there is no detail too small for us retro renovators. Finally, I must note that I also advised: Use an electric toothbrush. Truly. I am also a woman of many dental sagas, this is good advice, I’m telling you.

  1. Bill Needy says:

    I am looking for bistro table legs about 20″ high. The rebar legs will meet my need. The tables will be made from a log, 18 to 20 inches in diameter, cut in about 3″ thick.

  2. Ann Morgan says:

    I have been searching for a slim handled toothbrush which will fit into our vintage ceramic tile toothbrush holder. Thank you for the tip.

  3. Michelle Rupert says:

    Ballard Designs used to hace skinny toothbrushes in zebra and lepard print, not sure if they still do.

  4. deva says:

    Ahhh we totally have this problem! Our house is circa 1962 and, for some strange reason, our bathrooms are circa the 1940’s. I just put a milk glass tumbler in the kids’ bathroom for their toothbrushes and in ours we just lay our toothbrushes on the ceramic tile mounted soap dish.

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