Fabulous St. Charles metal kitchen cabinets for sale in Pittsburgh

st-charles-cabinets-in-pittsburgh-460Reader Jeff spotted these St. Charles cabinets just like Erika’s for sale at Construction Junction in Pittsburgh. They are spectacular. And a terrific price: $600 for this set, and a second set available for $500. That is A LOT of cabinets to work with, with makes it easier to fit into your kitchen — a rare find. Woah, I love these. Love love love love love. Thanks, Jeff!!! You get exclamation points for this one.

  1. Rachel Nadeau says:

    These are the exact cabinets I have mounted on the top of my kitchen. The bottoms are yellow steel doors. Wish I could share some photos.

  2. Bob Brandolini says:

    I have a set of St Charles metal cabinets in my kitchen. I am remodeling and wonder if there is any resale value for these cabinets. I will check this website for comments. Thanks.

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