vintage aluminum patio table and chairsI live in a dinky New England village, so we often go over to Northhampton, a fun college town, to shop for the day. My super favorite store there is Retro Genie. Jean’s focus is vintage clothes, but she also has bits of furniture and kitchen stuff, too. I loved this vintage metal patio set, with the mill finish (like a 50s screen door) and original umbrella. I’ve never seen one like it. Jean says it all folds up, the table, too, and that’s certainly a plus when you have to find a place for everything in the garage for the winter. P.S. See those three pairs of vintage canvas shoes – black, red, navy? I now proudly own them. I am such a sucker for MIB. Do not ever believe a single word that I write about “restraint.” Except, I guess I didn’t buy the patio set. I am so proud of myself.

  1. Cindy says:

    Retro Genie is on Market Street in Northampton, near the intersection with Main St. the tel # is 413/584-4364…I was there last week and picked up a card. They have lots of clothing, retro fabrics, some pinch pleat drapes, jewelry, dishware, and as Pam showed us…. furniture!

  2. Stephanie says:

    LOVE IT. My husband and I just settled for a new patio set after failing to locate a good vintage one. However, an extra set would be great for entertaining, especially a folding set! Would you be able to post this shop’s contact info? Maybe they would ship??

  3. Heidi Swank says:

    This photo makes me miss good vintage shops. With about 80% of Las Vegans having moved here in the last 20 years, most people got rid of their “old stuff” before they relocated. Thank goodness for ebay!

  4. sumac sue says:

    Is the square metal thing a cake holder? Or what? It looks interesting. We still have our mill finish 50s storm door. It is pretty sad looking, but, it still works. There are several others on the street.

    1. pam kueber says:

      denise, my size! will wear ’em – someday. for now, as you have guessed, i have to get over my love of just looking at them in their lovely boxes!

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