1949 pink flamingo decorative tile wall panel from Mosaic Tile Company


These mint-in-box pink flamingo wall tiles from the Mosaic Tile Company may well be the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. They are for sale now at BungalowBill.com. Worth every penny of the $2,300 price. Here is what Bill says on his site:

This HUGE panel by the Mosaic Tile Company of Zanesville Ohio dates from 1949 and comes straight from an estate in Florida. These tiles were never installed. They have been packed safely away for 60 years, looking as new as when they came out of the factory. Traditionally a panel such as this was used as the focal point on the back wall over the tub and shower. But, if you can’t commit to installing this prize and leaving it for the next owner, you can always mount and frame it for moveable enjoyment. Your bathroom doesn’t even need to be pink!

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    1. pam kueber says:

      Yup, Sara, have no doubt: Our little boxes have features that are becoming more valuable by the minute. Be happy you got in at the beginning of a big trend.

  1. Jennifer Fletcher says:

    I love my 1954 time capsule ranch style house. I need help with the bathroom. The tile is enameled tin made to look like tiles?! Yes, magnets stick to it. The grout (or fake grout) is crumbling off the panels in the shower. Which has a wonderful black and white swan mosaic in it. How do I fix the grout? I’m also detecting a little rust near the tub line. How do I stop this natural deterioration? I’ll send picture if you want.

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