Vintage shower doors, toilet tank lids & more at Second Use in Seattle

seattle-second-use-toilet-lidsIt’s very cool to know that there is now a small legion of retro renovators out there stalking Re-Stores and estates sales and Second Use’s — taking pictures of all the great little features of mid-century homes to share with others. Vanessa spotted three great items at the Second Use in Seattle. Like: Look at those toilet tank covers. Can yo believe how many different shades of beige and pink and blue and…beige? 🙂 She sends in these photos, and writes:


Hi  Pam!

I love your blog and although my current house is craftsman I love Midcentury design 🙂 I was at Second Use in Seattle and among other wonderful things I saw this amazing Tappan range with the upper ovens and pull out cook top. And it’s only $95 so I just had to share the info.  It’s a great place and they also had a large collection of colored toilet tank lids, it made me wonder where the rest of the toilets went but looked like a good resource for finding a replacement.   Also some great lighting!!!  And vintage shower doors too. A really fun place to check out!! Thanks for blogging! I really love to read your blog and imagine living in those beautiful and fun houses.



Readers, take care regarding old shower doors, doors and windows — as another reader recently pointed out in a comment, they may not feature safety glass. So this is another issue to be aware of and to think through. Vanessa: Many thanks. And you don’t even have a mid-century home?! Arts & Crafts style has been a love of mine in the past, too. I had a 1912 Colonial Revival in Michigan – with an interior that was very heavily A&C influence. I loved it very much.


  1. Carrie Valentin says:

    Yes please be aware of the lack of safety glass in older shower dorrs. We lived in AL and our neighbor’s husband slipped in the tub and fell into the door. He was very badly injured by the broken glass. We immediately replaced all the shower doors in our 1960-70’s age house. Vintage is cute but not when it comes to GLASS!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thank you, Carrie. Yes – another thing to get educated about. I have mentioned this in other posts.

  2. ben spindler says:

    How can I see all of your shower doors. I am looking for nickel plated frames with glass, deco is best, circa 1925

    1. pam kueber says:

      ben – we don’t sell these items here. read the post and you can see where it is for sale. good luck.

  3. NishiKM says:

    We love SecondUse!! We bought our first (yes we have two) Frigidaire Flair there for such a deal at $145. I just saw this ModernMaid pull-out toaster on their website.
    It may be more of a late 70’s model but still so “kitchen of the future”-like. I love RetroRenovation and all the great info. everyone shares. It’s so nice to find others who share the same love of all things vintage.
    (I’d include a pic of our Flairs but I’m not sure how to do that.)

  4. Candice says:

    Ha! I was going to send the tappan in this weekend and forgot!
    Great eye Vanessa. I’m another seattleite with a craftsman (that loves mid-mod too).
    Shoot me an email if you want to talk craftsmans, I already love second use, but am always looking for rescources.

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