Those of you in modern homes, remember to consider a Mondrian-style kitchen if you need to renovate. This one – from Steven’s 1957 Alcoa Aluminum house in Rochester, N.Y. — is original. Well, the part in the foreground is. He needed to replace the cabinets and backsplash along the back wall, and did so in complementary style. The original Mondrians are laminate-over-wood. In the back, Steven combined black-painted wood base cabinets, and blue-painted vintage steel wall cabinets. If you have trouble choosing a color — hey, what a solution. Click on the photo above to see Steven’s entire house, on his flickr photo stream. And click here to see my other posts showing Mondrian kitchens.

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  2. Propagatrix says:

    It’s like a life-size version of the wonderful vintage Deluxe Reading Dream Kitchen for Barbie! Just lovely.

  3. Mer says:

    Swoon! Love that Mondrian…This kitchen is a 10! I don’t think there’s anything more cheerful than that color combination.

  4. Annie B. says:

    I love this kitchen even more, if that’s possible, now that I know the cabinets have not even been restored. What a testament to the durability of laminates. The matching Trimline phone on the counter is a terrific touch; so many wonderful little details to absorb. One unbelievable house which has found lots of love and care.

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