1956-kitchen-paletteIn 2010, I will try and hunt down and feature the entire series of mid-century kitchen design vignettes produced by the American Gas Association. They are all so elegant — like a design board, pulling together a few simple elements to showcase key inspiration elements for a particular kitchen. The gas stoves are wicked awesome, too. 1956-kitchen-palette-460

This ad, from Dec. 1955, features a Hardwick gas range, confetti flooring, wire furniture and natural-stain shutters.

Alas, my scanner may be dying because the color in this scan does not match the print ad. The blue in the original is softer — more of a powder blue. And, the wire chair is soft pink. This is a kitchen that mixes loud (black and white confetti floor) with soft (wire, pink, shutters) very nicely. Note: Putting more “heaviness” on the floor, or lower down in any room design, is generally okay. This literally “grounds” a room, just like the earth is dark, the sky is light.

  1. midmodms says:

    I have seen a bunch of web sites by old-stove restoring companies. The one I remember just now is Antique Stove Heaven. Most of these companies will strip down and completely re-plate, re-porcelain, re-insulate, and clean all the parts. What you get back is a brand new stove that works perfectly, including all the electrical bits. Like clocks and lights. They also usually sell already restored ones as well as restore a stove you send to them. It’s pricey, but I think worth it.

  2. Tikimama says:

    Your scanner just CAN’T die! We’ll all go into withdrawal for your beautiful images that get our retro hearts all a-flutter!

    Great image – I like the linoleum rug, too. And yet another birdcage-as-decorative-element!

  3. MrsErinD says:

    Cute! Ya, I love the soft blues/aquas and pink mixed with the black and white, I am doing that now in my living/dining room, changing it again, lol, because of some great vtg barkcloth drapes I just bought on ebay in white aqua and black. So I can visualize what that ad looks like in person.
    I love the “rug” in front of the stove, it looks like a piece of sheet linoleum with the black and white squares. Cool. :O)

  4. Thanks Pam! This will really help me in my search for a period-correct gas stove for my place! (I’m still kicking myself for not checking into that new-old-stock Welbilt you featured from that ReStore a while back!)

  5. Shane says:

    Good because I need to do research on vintage gas stoves. I’ve decided to stay with gas (tho I’ve got a beautiful 1950 GE electric I picked up). I’m currently restoring a ’46 – ’48 Magic Chef gas range but it seems kinda small. It’s 36″ but the oven looks too small to get my Red Baron pizzas in!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Shane, very good that you are doing your homework. I don’t know much about restoring gas stoves. Two things I have heard about: Automatic safety pilots are required in some states, and be careful regarding the insulation, there may be asbestos in it. Oh, and lead paint, of course on the outside. Lord knows what other issues you need to be cautious of — with gas, I am sure there are more. Good luck.

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