I have a fancy picture of this group — Retro Renovation readers who got together between my talks at the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show in Charlotte last Friday. But I like this photo better. Because you all know how we feel kind of … *unique*? Like no one quite understands our excess of enthusiasm for renovating our mid-century modern and modest homes? Well, the tribe came together for real, here. That’s us all sitting around talking about cabinets and kitchens and landscaping and trials and tribulations. Oh my, we could have gone on forever.

Here’s the official portrait of the in-between-talks-meet-up. From the left, that’s: Jane (yes: Scathing Jane from the Forum, she and Michael came all the way from Atlanta!), Michael, Linda and Hugh. (Missing from photo #1 is Audrey, Linda’s friend.) They are in front of Ted Cleary’s mini-Eichler house, built on site at the show to show off his fabulous garden design. (Yes, yes, a post WILL come with mid-century garden design ideas.) Don’t we retro renovators clean up nice? You all are such a handsome group. Who would guess you are retro-maniacs… errr, that is, I mean, leaders in a new and growing national movement to save and preserve our nation’s post-war housing, the first true American Dream Homes that actually maybe have a lot still to teach us today?

There were even more readers at the various talks. Here’s Lauren — she brought me this treasure, nabbed, as I recall her story, from a flea market where a guy had a bunch of mint-in-box Hall-Mack. This is an advertising display, and Lauren said she thought of me and grabbed it, too. It’s still in my luggage. I need to get it out, photograph it for a larger post, then hide it from Mr. Retro Renovation. He will not be amused by yet another museum piece bigger-than-a-breadbox entering the house. Lauren, you rock! Send me photos of your place!

Elaine was at both my 12:30 and 3:30 talks on Friday and would have stayed for 6:30, too, but I forewarned her it was kind of similar. She is a romance novelist! Retro Renovators are such interesting people! Gosh, I am using lots of exclamation points. Readers who drive long distances to hear me opine get exclamation points.

That’s Edwin. He is from Charlotte and said that he saw the video that I posted from the Charlotte Today TV interview and ran down to the show. Edwin, I didn’t get your house story. What’s your house story? Hey, I didn’t get Elaine’s story either. My head was spinning. I need to know!

Here’s me and Hugh (who also is featured in the first two photos). We actually met on Wednesday, when I came down to hear Suzy Coehlo, then Ted Cleary speak. He lives about 75 miles away and has sent me some photos of his house — a real beauty — to post in the future.

Taylor gets on the blog again, because she made and wore a Save The Pink Bathrooms tee shirt!

And my #1 reader: My mom, Fran, who came down from Kentucky to hang out with me in Charlotte. She also saved my behind and the big finale ending of the Save The Pink Bathrooms talk by diving for my last page of notes, which I’d left in my travel case, and running them up to me talk-in-progress. After five talks in two days, you can bet that, as promised, we headed straight for Margaritaville on Friday night. That, and some good ole North Carolina barbeque.

Did I say – margarita? Life is good.

  1. Lauren says:

    YAY I made it onto the site! 🙂 Pam, it was so nice to meet you and everyone else… It was awesome talking to you, and I had a great time there (I even made it to Greensboro in time to get some BBQ!). It was really nice to finally meet some people who share an interest in these midcentury houses! And Jane, your house sounds awesome, it was nice meeting you too!
    Well thank you again for everything, I hope you get a kick out of that HallMack display, and it looks like I’m going to have to stop at the Charlotte Re-Store when I head back down to NC in a few weeks 🙂

  2. nina462 says:

    yes, please come to the midwest next year—I’d for sure come!!

    Thanks for the pics-nice to put names w/faces.

  3. RetroSandie says:

    Pam, you look so HAPPY in all of the photos – I think this doing the talks and meeting with your readers was sooo good for you! You are positively glowing! I wish you had videos, though, as I love to hear you speak and impart your wisdom. I hope to catch you at a talk somewhere down the line. Keep up the fine work you do!!!!! 🙂

  4. Zena says:

    I actually saw you on Fox News Rising in Charlotte, and ran to the computer when I heard your website. You now have a new follower! Did you get to check out any stores while you were here?

  5. MC Keith says:

    Ok, Pam you did the west coast last year, and the east coast this year … next year the Midwest? Then I can come and hear your presention – that would be a real hoot. Looks like you had a great time showing folks retro/vintage options, and what a great look “cheery” kitchen cabinets can give a home.

  6. Larry says:

    Hi Pam! It looks like a great time was had by all. Hopefully I can attend the next gathering/home show!

  7. Heidi Swank says:

    Thanks for putting pictures and names together. It makes it clear that we are becoming more than just a smattering of MCM (modern and modest, that is) fanatics but a real movement.

  8. Annie B. says:

    Thanks for the great post. How nice to put together names and faces of those who save pink bathrooms. We appreciate all you do for The Cause.

  9. Cindy says:

    Hi Mom! Hi Margarita! Hi Pam!
    What an awesome week you had. Great to see pictures of other retro maniacs!

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