Mississippi bathroom faucets: My favorites

bathroom faucet mid century styleWhile I was over on the Rejuvenation website researching their Chandler porcelain bathroom fixtures (alas, now discontinued), I noticed that this lovely photo of a yellow bathroom with mini subway tiles also features my favorite bathroom faucet, the Mississippi. The faucet is made by Strom Plumbing. This photo, though, shows the alternative handles to mine — kind of smaller, somewhat more delicate cross-hatches.

I have now had two of these faucets in my bathrooms for, gosh, seven? eight? years… I love them as much as ever and really, have not seen anything to compare yet in terms of the appropriateness + quality for a mid century bathroom renovation.

  1. Rebecca Prichard says:

    Your favorite faucet, Mississippi, would still have been used in a 1961, right? It’s very nice. I looked yesterday at American Standard, Delta Brizo and Rohl and didn’t see anything that got me as excited.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Rejuvenation told me that the tile for their on-site displays came from Pratt & Larson. You should also check with Chippy at World of Tile. She may have some new-old-stock vintage like this. And, you can get custom colors onto decorative liner tiles from B&W as well.

  2. Jack says:

    I actually meant the one in the picture with the yellow tile, which is different than the Mississipi faucet. I found it on the faucetdirect.com website which is a vendor for the company called Elements of Design that manufactures that faucet.

  3. Jack says:

    I am writing this again to correct the spelling errors………I would like to know where I can buy the faucets in the picture with the yellow tile. I looked at many websites and was not able to find them.

    1. Zoe says:

      Actually, I called Rejuvenation Lighting about that very faucet (the one in the picture with the yellow and black tile), and it is in fact one of Rejuvenation’s line of reproduction faucets. It may be the same as the one you found on faucetsdirect.com, but you can also find it at the Rejuvenation store in Portland, Oregon.

      1. Zoe says:

        Hi Pam,

        Yes, they sell out of their retail store, and you can also call them and order them — but I will definitely check Amazon to see if they are the same faucets. Theirs is called the “1933 Hollywood” faucet.

        1. pam kueber says:

          Okay… I stand corrected! The faucet pictured does appear to be a different company/model — the Elements of Design-manufactured faucet that Jack mentioned. I will do a post about that line, too!

  4. Jack says:

    I would liek to know where I can buy the faucets in the picture with the yellow tile. I looked at meay websites and was not able to find them.

  5. Paul says:

    I love these faucets, Pam. It’s been my favorite style for years. They work in 1930s to 1950s homes. I installed a shower set to “restore” the set in my 1939 bathroom. I kept the original tub filler, but replaced the faucets and shower head, removing some very cheap stuff that had been fitted when the originals failed. They make the surroundings look shabby. Now I have to do the rest of the bath!

  6. Pencils says:

    The faucet is quite nice, but I’m in love with the tile! It’s hard to find nice yellow tile, and I adore the accent tile.

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