UPDATE (Oct 2011): Click over to –> this story to get an update on all three sources for boomerang laminate.

Where to find a retro Formica countertop for a red, black and white kitchen? Pamela recently wrote to ask:

Hi! I bought a home a couple of years ago … it’s a 10-year-old FL ranch, w/ a nice, open layout. The kitchen already has plain white, almost contemporary European-looking laminate cabinets. I’d like to decorate with a bit of retro & a bit of cottage style … in primarily red, white, and black. I’ve seen a lot of nice retro laminates on your site, but I’m looking for something white, with red speckles or red retro shapes. I could also do black speckles / shapes, but I like the idea of red better. I’ll probably do the stainless steel edging. Can you point me in a good direction for laminates like what I’m describing? Thanks for help!

Pamela, I think there is a relatively “easy” answer for this question: A Moment in Time — and several other suppliers online — have another boomerang countertop now that Formica’s boomerang countertops are only available in charcoal. These other boomerang design are a special-order item only available to the trade (professionals) — so you must buy it from a distributor like A Moment in Time.

At A Moment in Time, this laminate costs cost $325 for a 4′ x 10′ sheet [Oct. 2011] — this is the best price I’ve found. I presume that a 4′ x 10′ sheet can be easily (but very very precisely) cut in half length-wise to provide 20 linear feet of countertop 24″ deep. But, Pamela, if one of these 10 additional colors is what you are looking for, I think you are stuck paying.

Link: A Moment in Time Retro Design. You can also search “boomerang laminate” on google to scope out prices at other online retailers.

Disclosure: I updated this post in October 2011 to reflect more information gathered in 2011. At this time, A Moment in Time is an advertiser on the site. However, this story is not part of the deal. AND, they DO have the best prices currently, as far as I know.


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