What self-respecting Retro Renovator can do without a vinyl tile shuffleboard in their basement. Dave and Sarah show the way: These two industrious homeowners used my tip about shuffleboard tiles still available from Armstrong — and installed one in their fabulous 50s style basement renovation in progress. Dave writes:

Hey, just wanted to give you an update. Late last year, you helped my wife and me look up classic tile patterns for our basement. Due to the fact that we could only find 12×12 tiles, we thought the patterns wouldn’t really work for our space. However, we did take one of your suggestions to heart. Here are our picts from the newly installed floor! Hope you like them, and feel free to post if you care to.

Thanks again
-Dave and Sarah

Thank you for sharing these photos, Dave and Sarah. What a great project. My husband was looking over my shoulder as I prepared this post. Now he wants the shuffleboard for the unfinished part of our basement, too.

I also have a note into Dave and Sarah asking where they found that knotty pine paneling — that looks like a new installation to me, and I love a dub dub it. I have a vintage minty shuffleboard set, picked up at an estate sale, languishing in my garage. Do you guys want to take it off my hands? I am in a clean-and-purge mode. Well, my brain is in one… not to much real progress yet.

Wow, this is going to be one fantabulous basement, don’t you think? Click here for another story on 30 possible patterns to combine VCT tiles.

Renovate Safe. Finally, readers, remember that if you considering stripping or removing OLD vinyl tile: It may contain asbestos. Consult with professionals regarding the proper safety and environmental precautions. In my sidebar, I have links to EPA websites where you can do some initial homework, but again: Renovate Safe, Consult with Experts.

  1. Kelly Wittenauer says:

    These are to cool! I remember when I first saw & played shuffleboard. On a July 1969 vacation to Florida, every motel had at least one court. Also remember Dad pulling off the highway and hustling us out of the car to watch for a silver streak in the sky – part of which would soon land on the moon!

  2. Naomi Bee says:

    I just bought a house with an original shuffleboard on the basement floor…just like in those photos. I think it’s original with the house. Too cool…were these mainly from the 60’s?? And yes, the basement has cedar woodwork on the walls everywhere 🙂

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