Pam's Blue Bathroom — Features That Turned Out Great from on Vimeo.

When I renovated my 1950s bathroom, you can bet that I sweated the small stuff. In this video — the second in my blue bathroom series — I talk about some of the design details that came out pretty darn well.

  1. sablemable says:

    Great videos! LOL, I sweat the small stuff, too, Pam, so you’re not alone!

    I think your bathroom turned out very, very well and I really liked the way the wallpaper “frames” the window.

  2. Genjenn says:

    Really great bathroom, Pam. Great video, too! Who makes the shower hardware, please? It’s just what I need for my blue bathroom retrovation.

  3. styro says:

    Looks great, Pam! In our bathroom reno, we put in an exhaust fan, too, we found a super-quiet, moisture-sensing fan from Braun that we just LOVE. It turns on when it senses moisture, which I love because you (or your guests or your husband or…) can’t forget to turn it on!

  4. Guy H. says:

    Also I love the suggestion about removing the suction cup and screwing that holder into the wall. Clever idea.

  5. pam kueber says:

    Genjenn, the shower hardware is basic Moen. Simple. Suits the unpretentious mid mod bathroom just fine.

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