Vintage Youngstown metal kitchen cabinets – a picture perfect 1950s kitchen

Hot item! Just yesterday, Cody sent in this great kitchen from craigslist — Burlington, Vermont. He wrote:

Hi Pam I just ran across this on Craigslist and thought it was quite a find! It’s a time capsule kitchen and they are selling the pieces off (sad) … it looks to be in great shape. Thought you may like to share it with your readers and maybe find a good home for this kitchen!

The ad is now gone, but we captured the info originally provided by the seller:

1950 VINTAGE KITCHEN: We purchased a home that had one prior owner and no children. The kitchen is in unbelievable nearly perfect condition. The home was built custom and the best products available at the time were used. The home was placed in service in October of 1950 and remains in its original condition. We are enlarging and cannot use the kitchen. If you are interested in the entire kitchen we will discount, from $8500 to $7500. We will sell off piece meal on a first come first serve basis.
Cabinetry by Youngstown: Includes upper and lower cabinets with 2 lazy susans, two bread boxes, broom closet, over refrigerator cabinets and half round end shelf. Counter top, Melonite wall panels, recessed over sink light with stainless steel trim, and decorative fluorescent ceiling light with crystal decoration. $1,800.
Like-new Westinghouse stove with 4 burners and surface work area, large warming drawer and two pot storage drawers, timer, surface light and manual. $3,500.
Like-new Westinghouse refrigerator: features a “frost free” freezer compartment, butter storage, egg trays, interior lighting, and manual The E on Westinghouse is missing, but we are trying to order from a restoration company. $2,400.
Westinghouse dishwasher and sink base combination: The dishwasher has not been used in 40 years and we do not know if it runs. Single bay porcelain sink with drainboard on top of dishwasher. Cabinet storage under sink and manual for dishwasher $800.

Custom white Youngstown cabinets

Custom lazy susan & built ins throughout

Like-new Westinghouse stove with warming drawer

“Frost Free” Westinghouse refrigerator

Pam adds: Wow. Gorgeous kitchen… I’m in serious love with that stove. And, I love this listing because it seems to be a great example of how a modest-sized, U-shaped kitchen was put together. Also, this color combo seems to be a particular classic for the period — the pistachio green countertop, the kelly green floor, the white cabinets. I am pretty sure that the kitchen original to my 1951 house was this color scheme — we found kelly green tiles underneath the 70s vinyl sheet… and we had this pistachio green countertop (linen design) in two of the bathrooms. Finally — note the small scale of the fridge — replicate with a Smeg … or seek out vintage…. Thank you, Matt, for getting this post up pronto.

  1. Kathy says:

    Hello, is this kitchen set currently available? Please provide location and what you currently have left.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Story very old. Cabinets actually went to a reader’s house! See our stories on where to hunt cabinets on our Kitchen Help / Steel Kitchens page.

  2. Sharon Lang says:

    We just purchased from a Re-home store 16 pieces of a Youngstown Kitchen with a double sink. This is the first I have seen of the bread box in anything but a vintage Advertisement. What we have is older than what is pictured but is almost identical! We are actually putting it in a 110 year old home that had the kitchen done in Youngstown Cabinets in the 1940’s but little has survived to be usable except for the single sink and base. This is so cool to see on here. ToBad I now live in Michigan as Vermont isn’t that far from where I grew up!

    1. Sarah says:

      Does anyone know how to SAFELY remove the Youngstown label from the sink base? Without damaging it. They told me to remove all hardware and logos before bringing them in for soda blasting.



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