A time capsule bathroom featuring Ceratile Mardi Gras design

There simply are No Coincidences here in the Retro Renovation Matrix — proven again when, not five minutes after I finalized the story on Megan’s thrifting find of vintage Ceratile tile samples, that I jumped over to flickr, where friend xtombx had sent me this photo of a sink and countertop snapped at a fabulous estate sale time capsule house. See the countertop tile? It’s vintage Ceratile, of course. And not only that, it’s the Mardi Gras that is Megan’s favorite from her set of 20+ Ceratile samples. Another serendipitous gift to us all, courtesy the retro decorating gods.

Design Tip: In this photo, you can see how the decorative tile was used in creation of the vanity countertop. The Ceratile Mardi Gras field tile was used on the flat horizontal countertop surface. But, the backsplash and countertop edging appear to be an oatmeal or other-color salt-and-pepper tile. I am presuming the rest of the wall tile is also the oatmeal/S&P – which would make much more sense that going googie-crazy. With something so snazzy as that Mardis Gras design, you’re going to pick and choose where to showcase it, to create maximum effect at optimal cost. Remember, when it comes to design that “screams”: Edit, less really does get you more.

  1. jkaye says:

    Holy cow, how cool. My husband and I recently dragged home two sets of American Standard sinks and toilets from in front of a nearby 60s era house getting bathroom makeovers — one set is medium blue, the other is the coolest green that I think is called Honeydew. We hope to do something wonderful with them in our bathrooms, and this post gives inspiration.

  2. Zoocrewmom says:

    I love the sink too. I would love to get two for my guest bath.

    Pam – can you point me in the right direction on brand or name?

  3. aha, good to know…now i know what to call my accent tiles in my shower! there’s only five Mardi Gras within a yellow tiled shower, but mine are much more muted than these. I had never seen them before!

  4. Shane says:

    That’s a very cool bathroom. I sure hope someone doesn’t buy that house and rip out the bathroom for some trendy, modern that you see on HGTV.

  5. Guy H. says:

    I love that sink! I remember the doctor I went to as a kid had a similar color scheme in the bathroom at his office. I remember it had lots of yellow and orange and dark wood.

    What incredible tiles. Really nice!

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