Ceratile Stardust pattern tiles in Amy’s 1962 bathroom: Oh my!

Can you contain your envy, Retro Renovators? I can’t. After the post showcasing the gorgeous vintage Ceratile samples this week, Amy wrote, all excited:

WOW!!! So glad to see this here. I live in Houston as well and our home was a custom build in 1962. The hall bath has the Stardust tile. I NEVER thought I’d be able to find any info on it. Such a great find!!!

And there’s more… Wait til you read the story of her house, and see more  closeups of this tile.

The minute I saw Amy’s comment on the post pop up, I asked her to send more photos of the bathroom… and for more information on her “retro renovation story.” Oh my goodness, in addition to the scrumdillyicious photos, her house has a wonderful story. Amy explains:

Hi Pam –

Thanks for your interest.  I’ll have to take some time to write my “restovation” story.  HAHA  In the meantime here are some pictures of our bathroom with the Ceratile Starburst tile.  I have also included our hall entry light and the dome pendant in the breakfast room.  The dome pendant has a tag in the inside that reads “Hans*Agne Jakobsson A/B Markaryo  Made in  Sweden”.

I can tell you a little bit about our home’s past owners’ history.  It was a custom build in Houston in 1962.  The original owners were Mr. and Mrs. John Meyers.  Evidently she was a very eccentric woman.  Mrs. Meyers flew planes and worked as a psychic.  She met her husband when they both worked for the circus.  She was a palm reader and I’m not sure what he did.  They moved into the house in 1962 and never had any children.  Mrs. Meyers worked out of the home doing readings and astrology charts.  She was a very prominent psychic at the time and it was said she read for the Bush’s at some point.  I’m not sure when her husband passed but I do know she passed in 1995.  She left the home to her caregiver who never changed a thing and actually neglected it.  When we moved in the home was completely original.  I wanted to maintain its integrity but we did have to upgrade a few things.  The hall bathroom (which no one ever used) was in MINT condition.

We were extremely lucky!!

Thanks Pam

Extremely lucky? I’d say so, Amy. And the house, too. Can you imagine someone else, less informed, coming in and ripping that bathroom out? I shudder at the possibility.
To view the gallery, click on the first image to enlarge it, then look for the arrow just beneath to move forward.

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  1. Robin says:

    We have the same tiles (but used as accent only) in our gray tile bathroom. Built in 1961, St. Louis. I find it an odd combo for the gray tile and the warm starburst but we won’t change a thing!

  2. Northside CJ says:

    Jealous of the tile! That sort of thing rarely comes up. I’ve so far gotten two sets of pink tiles from different tear outs, and a set of pink/white floor tile from a tear out to use when I retro-reno my bathroom. Now I have more an idea what I’m looking for for accent tiles around the tub area.

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful compliments! We were very lucky to buy the house almost completely unscathed. We had to do extensive landscaping and interior polishing (so to speak) We tried to remain true to the original character. I am also lucky enough to have a picture of the home when the original owners purchased it in 1962. If I can figure out how to work my scanner I’ll try and post. I do, however, have many pictures of the exterior and interior I could post now

  4. Happy Daze says:

    Nice to see another Houston resident on here. You are so lucky to have a house that has its period features intact. This city seems to have more than its fair share of bad remodels and unnecessary demolitions.

  5. Heidi Swank says:

    There seems to be this nice correlation between the whimsy of the pattern on the tiles and the fact that the original owners worked for the circus. How fitting. 🙂

  6. Cindy says:

    Those tile are fantastic! It’s great that you know the story of such interesting original owners! And send more pictures soon – great house!

  7. Maryanna says:

    I love the texture of the tile. And those LIGHTS. Amazing! I’d love to see more photos of the rest of the house one day! 🙂

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