Retro Renovation TV: Laminate countertops for your mid century kitchen

Laminate countertops with metal edging are among the most popular choices for homeowners updating the kitchens in their mid century homes. In this video, I show you the Formica Skylark boomerang countertops in my aquamarine kitchen… We take a look at the stainless steel edging that we found at the last place that makes it in New York… there are design tips for adding diversity to your countertop materials… tips for shelves… and, I show you some problems I encountered but worked my way through. I have to tell you, I sure do love writing the blog, but there’s nothing like video to make the tips that much… easier.


  1. Pat says:

    I also found a bunch of the switchplates with the vertical lines and replaced all of mine. I just love them (I’m taking them with me when I move someday!). I thought I was the only weird person that thought about switchplates!

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