60 colors from Benjamin Moore’s 1969 paint palette

1969 paint color chart from Benjamin Moore

Here are the popular 1969 colors called out in Benjamin Moore’s 1969 Color Festival paint brochure. The full-sized scan is after the jump –>

1969 benjamin moore paint colors1969 benjamin moore paint chart

  1. Nicole Nickerson says:

    Found these colour names in my late parents book, possibly all Benjamin Moore. Was wondering what they were and what year they would have been from? Huron; Iceberg; fantasy (pink); shell pink; spray green; Sunset; Honeysuckle; powder pink; Mayfair; Sanddrift and Sharon Rose.

    1. Teressa says:

      While looking to repaint a room with the same colour from 10 years earlier I still had the name, the paint attendant said they change the colour names, but not the colours. He was able to look up my colours name and tell me its new one. These were Benjamin Moore colours. It’s good to know our colours don’t really ever go away.

  2. Gavin Hastings says:

    I worked for Benjamin Moore in the early ’80’s.
    Many of the paint NAMES shown in the graphics are still available, but every 8 or so years the colors themselves are changed…or “modified”.
    Except for maybe Provincial Olive-not much you can do with that one-and a very popular house house color of the 60’s-70’s.

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