disco-floorUh uh uh uh, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive, uh uh uh uh stayin’ aliiiiiiiive! Tarkett took this photo just for our site, don’t you agree? I’ve been on a flooring-discovery binge lately … I start down a path and find more, more, more. Reader Brian pointed this floor out — It’s called Hecto/Red Orange, and it’s one of a large-ish number of vinyl sheet flooring design available from Tarkett, each with a contemporary-mod design.

tarkett vinyl flooringThese may not be “just right” for period restorations… and it appears you can only get these designs in Europe…

mod flooring from tarkett

…but they sure are fun to eyeball, and to add to our list of options.

tarkett vinyl floorsLink: Tarkett vinyl sheet flooring in lots of mod designs.  [link broken]

  1. Megan B says:

    Goodness! These are fantastic… or should I say FUN-tastic? (I know, that was bad) But seriously — I love the playful designs. Mixes up the mid-century vibe and makes it a bit more modern.

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