900 pieces of vintage Weslock mid century kitchen cabinet pulls

vitnage-weslock-cabinet-hardwareOver on the Retro Renovation Facebook Fan Page, Michael posted this fabulous find:

I just bought a couple cartons of new-old-stock mid-century hardware from an estate sale. I’m going to use some of the knobs/plates on my closet doors and kitchen cupboards, but since there are over 900 pieces I’m going to have to sell the rest. What’s the best site for selling this type of thing? eBay? Somewhere else? Thanks!

Wow! I’ve never seen vintage kitchen cabinet hardware quite like this before. I told him “ebay.” He says he’ll send the link when all this NOS deliciousness is available for purchase. Thanks, Michael!

  1. Michael says:

    Hi again,

    Another update on the hardware… I’ve been so busy decking the halls for our first Christmas in the new home that I haven’t had a chance to take proper photographs and put the listing up on eBay. I think I’ll wait until after the holidays now, as I’m sure most people are not thinking about this kind of a purchase at the moment. I’ll post again when they’re listed.

    “Happy Holidays” everyone!

    PS: And I *did* get the mcm sectional– it’s fabulous and completely makes the living room. Yay, Kijiji!

  2. Alida says:

    I found my mother’s original kitchen 1947 pulls which look just like the repro ones today. I reinstalled and they look great. My mother, bless her, had tucked them away in a shoebox marked kitchen pulls wrapped in paper towels. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    OMG!!!! Once again Pam your blog has helped me reveal the hidden treasures in our home!! First it was the gorgeous Starburst Certile in the guest bathroom now I believe I have discovered the mystery source of our kitchen cabinet pulls. (Weslock)!!! We have a version of the solid copper square hardware in our 1962 ranch. CRAZY!!! Thanks again for your wonderful blog and I look forward to finding out more about my home through your posts.

  4. Hey Pam,
    Great find – wow!
    I’ll get a blast out to the architects, designers and cabinet makers in our shows.

    Our 6th Annual Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show in a week is packed with people renovating homes too. I think I can insert a link to your ebay finds in the show directory as a great resource!

    We’ve got bring you back to Eugene – people are still telling us how good and educational your seminars were.

    All the best in a Retro New Year!
    Karen & the Eugene Home Show Gang

  5. Jerry says:

    I know this is years later than this blog started, but I also have the square within a square in two different sizes and am missing one large and one medium size one. I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find them. If anyone knows a good source, please share.

  6. Jennifer Greenburg says:

    I bought a huge set of these from Mike. Does anyone have his contact information? I need more!

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