Vintage clothes, lamps and barware at Retro Genie’s in Northampton, Mass.

vintage orange leather ladies jacket 1970s with furYesterday (Monday) I left my icy computer cave and took a quickie shopping trip to Northampton. I went to Eileen Fisher and Faces and for lunch at the India Palace… but could not bear to leave without a visit to my favorite retro vintage clothing (and more) store: Retro Genie. .

Really, I almost didn’t go, because I NEED NOTHING and didn’t want to TORTURE myself. And in fact, I was good, I didn’t buy anything (sorry, Jeannie). This time. Even so, it was great fun to look and take photos for the blog. Jeannie has been in business for a while, so she has great contacts throughout the region who call her in when they have high quality, vintage clothing.  For example, that’s Jeannie, above, with a wonderful orange leather jacket, fur trimmed, from a 1970s fashionista. I tried it on, and it looked pretty darn great. But, I actually don’t like to dress that flashy.

vintage embroidered hippie vestDrats. I really would have broken my no-buying vow if this embroidered, leather hippie vest had fit me better. It was a wee bit small around the arms. I am a broad-shouldered, corn fed farm girl. Who pines (romantically) for Haight Ashbury circa 1969, that is.

oversized 1970s gold lampsWoah — this pair of supersized 1970s lamps was also hard to resist. They were in impeccable shape. $170 for the pair – a great price, I think. To my view, Jeannie has terrific prices given the level of quality.

vintage koi sake setIf I owned this vintage Koi sake set, I would drink sake more often. Jeanie says these don’t stay in the store long.

vintage portable barbecueI thought this was a minnow bucket, but Jeannie said it was a portable barbeque. In plaid, our theme of Q4 2010. This one was NOS – in perfect, pristine condition. Peoples: Use your stuff. Don’t save it. Use it! All the NOS MIB stuff I see at estate sales — saddens me.

vintage poodle lampPretty poodle lamp with fiberglass shade. Jeannie has the bug bad as the rest of us.

kartell food warmerKartell or Kartell-style serving dish. Put ice or hot water in that bottom smoked glass part to keep the potato salad cold or the swedish meatballs hot. This 70s-style serving ware– I think it’s a next, huge trend.

vintage valentines in boxesJeannie had several vintage Valentine cards — very fancy ones complete with boxes. I really should have bought one for DH, but like the rest of America most likely, I am having a hard time envisioning getting past Dec. 25 in one piece at this point.

vintage hats on vintage wigstandsLots of hats, of course. Do you think there are, like, 6 million vintage hats across America? What will we do with them all?

Retro Genie: On Facebook. Location: 15 Market Street, Northampton, MA 01060-3229 (413) 584-4364

  1. jeanne says:

    thank you all for the great comments about my store…i used to have issues about wearing real fur too but i now feel like it’s recycling and if we don’t wear it the animal died in vain and may end up in a landfill…i feel it’s my duty to find a new home for them….if anyone gets to northampton please stop by….jeanne (retro genie)

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