A vintage toilet seat designed just for men, from Olsonite

vintage toilet seat designed for men

Reader Chris gets major snaps for finding this vintage toilet seat designed just for men. Note, that while I find this beyond-fascinating — and it would likely make my top-10 wild and wacky retro items ever, if I bothered to rank — I do not approve at all. Why?

Because it is very bad feng shui to leave your toilet seat open. Very very bad. Wealth-energy — that is: money — flows right down that open drain. 

For example, everyone over on the Forum knows: No photos of open toilets allowed. Deleted — without notice. Close your toilet seats, people!

Anyway back to this amazing toilet seat. Chris writes:

I thought I’d share a great find I made today. It’s a toilet seat designed for MEN! It holds in the “UP” position unless you fold it down (springs back up when you get up too). Original packaging. Made from something called OLSONITE. It’s a heavy plastic. The chrome hinge is spectacular. Bret at Old Portland Hardware and Architectural had it. I was either going to try it out or sell it. When it fit b\ y 1940 period Wellworth toilet it was a keeper. Standard seats did not fit it so the last one had to have the top removed. Much improved however you do have to realize that it is spring loaded and will hit the porcelain lid if you don’t get up slowly! 🙂 Feel free to share on your site. I’ll get you the photos of the countertop display soon. -chris

Countertop display? For this seat? Yes! Send pics!!! Thank you, Chris. This really is cool — American ingenuity at its finest. Something *new* for men to play with, when they are in the bathroom.

  1. Bill says:

    I have one of these installed on one of the toilets in my office. Building is from the late 1800s. Don’t know when the seat was installed.

  2. Benjamin says:

    This toilet seat matches this Kohler Wellworth toilet!

    I know how old this Wellworth is: it is from the 1940s or 1950s because the “WELLWORTH” model name is stamped on the bowl instead of Kohler’s own name or ident (a practice they finally did starting in 1964); however, “K of K” (“Kohler Co., of Kohler, WI” or “Kohler of Kohler”) is stamped on the rear side of the bowl.

  3. mollyparnis says:

    Do you know the brand name of the hinge? I have GOT to get one. I have been on an endless hunt for a sturdy toilet seat hinge that doesn’t corrode when I clean it – and this one looks so cool.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Very old, Cory. You would have to watch ebay, etc. To be sure, if I ever see one for sale, I will post it…

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