18 sizes of metal rims for kitchen and bathroom sinks — hudee ring supplier found!

metal ring for 1950s kitchen and bathroom sinks

I am so excited! We have found a supplier for replacement metal “hudee rings” — those metal rims that go around the edge of vintage kitchen and bathroom sinks. Vance Industries offers these stainless steel sink rims in at least 18 sizes — 17 rectangles, one round, and they say to “contact us for oblong sizes.”  Finding replacement hudee rings has been a longstanding want and need of Retro Renovators.
ad for metal ring around vintage bathroom sink

Back a ways, I posted this advertisement (above) from the original hudee ring company — Hudee Manufacturing — that pointed out that there were some 1,062 hudee ring sizes at one one point in time. 1,062! Now, at least, we have a source for 18 of them.

In fact, the manufacturer of this metal sink rims, Vance Industries, says on its website that it has been in business for nearly 60 years — making it mid century authentic — and moreover, that its “…Vance patented Undermounter [is] the original seamless stainless steel sink frames (mounting rims).” I will have to give Vance a call and get the 411 on all this history and who-was-who-doing-what.

How did I make this hudeerrific discovery? Roundabout through reader Jon. Thank you, Jon!

Where to get these sink rims: 18+ sizes of metal rims for your kitchen or bathroom sink from Vance Industries.  Also check the selection on Amazon here (affiliate link). Be sure to see their mounting clip section, too.

  1. Pam Kueber says:

    Don’t have this expertise… one idea: check current instructions from companies like Kohler or, contact Vance / see their website.

  2. Linda Reed says:

    I have a 1950 sink that is 24” long and 20” wide and I need a ring for it would you have one would just like the traditional silver color – if so how wide are your rings?

  3. pam kueber says:

    Hi Linda, I don’t sell anything here. Look for links to the company in the story — in blue. It’s Vance Industries. Contadt them directly.

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